By | June 17, 2017

Connecticut may be small in size, but it has lots of personality. The state sits between New York City and Boston and is home to several major colleges and universities. The state has incredible scenery including beaches, forested hills, and village greens. Considered a great vacation destination, the state is also a thriving center of commerce.

The state has a long maritime. Many state residents believe their seafood is the best in the nation. This is based on the availability of a fresh catch every single day. Norwalk is a popular destination for seafood lovers. This seaside community offers some of the state’s best restaurants including Harbor Lights. Here, customers can reach the restaurant by either car or boat.

Speaking of food, this state is known for New Haven “apizza”. This isn’t your usual pizza. It comes with a very thin crust and is baked in a coal oven. It is served on wax paper.

Another food first discovered in this state is the hamburger. First created by Louis’ Lunch when a customer needed something to eat on the run, the hamburger has been around since 1900.

When you get enough of the food, this state offers a variety of other things to do. The state attracts paranormal enthusiasts from all over. There are many old towns with historical buildings and ghostly apparitions abound.

The state is also known for its amusement parks and can boast the longest continuously operating park in the world. This same park also has the world’s largest wooden roller coaster.

Another unique tourist destination is Gillette College. Built in 1914, the castle served as the home of William Gillette who was famous for portraying Sherlock Holmes on the stage. Today, the castle is popular with campers and hikers.

Music lovers gather for a four-day series of concerts every summer in Bridgeport. The concert series celebrates the life of Jerry Garcia, the famous frontman for the Grateful Dead. Music is played two huge stages and features a variety of music ranging from rock to bluegrass to rhythm and blues.

After music, this state is known for its liberal politics. While this is true, there are plenty of wealthy residents who lean to the right.

Even with all these great attractions, many locals spend their weekend nights at house parties. These are usually held in an empty field and feature music and a bonfire. No matter what you enjoy, Connecticut will have something for you.